Curing Cancer Tweets no. 3 in UK on TX

…beating The Apprentice no less 🙂 Heres a selection of great press about the film:

Breadline Kids Tweets no. 2 in the UK

Dispatches – Breadline Kids screened in the UK at 7:30 pm on Monday the 9th June, and by 8pm was trending #2 on Twitter. Tweets were overwhelmingly positive towards the characters in the film, and angry towards government inaction.

Other press:

“If Benefits Street was a view of our social security system from Peter Hitchens and UKIP, then Breadline Kids was the reply from the soul of Polly Toynbee and the Church of England, and was consequently much nicer, more thoughtful, humane and moving”

AA Gill – Sunday Times

“The gruelling Breadline Kids highlighted the patronising fatuity of modern political slogans.”
Michael Deacon – Sunday Telegraph

“Watching hungry kids is an ugly form of entertainment”
Zoe Williams – The Guardian

“compelling, distressing, frustrating viewing”
Natalie Williams

“Becky reveals the conditions she. her little sister Rosie and their mum have to endure. ”
Rob Leigh – Daily Mirror

“impressively unsentimental… … the children are, without exception, charming, worried, clever, insightful and jaded, and tired of not getting a fair chance In a society that often claims to be a meritocracy.”
Sunday Times

“the children themselves describe – with a total lack of self-pity – what it feels like living in Britain in 2014 without enough to eat”
David Chater – The Times

“This is another hard-hitting Dispatches”
Daily Telegraph

“”Putting food on the table” is one way of saying “earning money” but this Dispatches takes the phrase literally.”
The Guardian

“a heart-breaking film, especially when the children, burdened with adult concerns about money, discuss their pressured lives and hopes for the future.”
Ian Sinclair – Morning Star

The Missing Billions – UK Uncut

UK Uncut: The Missing Billions
Small Axe Films

A film about the impact of the cuts in the UK, and the alternative. The film centres on the court case being brought by UK Uncut Legal Action against HMRC over a tax deal done between the revenue and Goldman Sachs in 2010 that saw £20m wiped off the a banking giants tax bill.

If you would like to support this film, and the legal action campaign, then please visit:
Donations are greatly appreciated.
You can also order hard copy DVDs from the website.

America's Poor Kids (Emmy Nominated)

This World: America’s Poor Kids. BBC2 March 2013
Truevision Films
Director: Jezza Neuman
Music: Jamie Perera

– RTS Award for Photography
– Robert F Kennedy Award for TV Journalism
– Emmy Awards Nominee 2013

In the United States, child poverty has reached record levels, with over 16 million children now affected. Food banks are facing unprecedented demand, and homeless shelters now have long waiting lists, as families who have known a much better life sometimes have to leave their homes with just a few days notice.

This World asks three children whose families are struggling to get by to explain what life in modern America really looks like through their eyes. Told from the point of view of the children themselves, this one-hour documentary offers a unique perspective on the nation’s flagging economy and the impact of unemployment, foreclosure and financial distress as seen through the eyes of the children affected.

TB – The Return of the Plague

TB – The Return of the Plague
BBC4 / PBS March 2014
True Vision Films
Director: Jezza Neuman
Music: Jamie Perera

In the southern African nation of Swaziland, around a quarter of all adults are now HIV positive. With so many now living with compromised immune systems, tuberculosis, which had been in decline for decades, has made a dramatic comeback. Now it has a foothold once more, new mutations are evolving fast, meaning the disease threatens the lives of the healthy as well as those with HIV.

There are over eight million new infections every year worldwide, but Swaziland is the epicentre of the disease, with the highest rate of TB infection in the world. With the infection spreading with a cough or sneeze, international travel means these lethal new infections are already starting to appear in Europe – last year alone 3,500 Londoners were diagnosed with the disease.

Multi-BAFTA winning film-maker Jezza Neumann travelled to Swaziland to make this very intimate account of the crippling effects of MDR-TB. We witness victims from two families battle with the disease over the course of a year.

Deep in rural Swaziland near the border of South Africa lives Bheki, a builder who is fanatical about football, who recently learnt that both he and his sister have multi drug resistant TB. As time passes, his sister’s condition deteriorates and Bheki starts to become increasingly anxious about his future.

In the capital, Mbabane, lives 12-year-old Nokubegha, a TB orphan, who is cared for by her 17-year-old brother, Melusi. When Nokubegha is diagnosed with the MDR strain of the disease she has to be admitted into the national TB hospital so she can receive her daily pills and injections.

A tragic yet heart-warming story about the value of human life, love and family.

Greenpeace – Arctic 30

Greenpeace Arctic 30 Letters
November 2013 Campaign
Director: Tom Pursey
Jamie Perera: Music

The Greenpeace Arctic 30 were in prison for standing up to oil drilling in the melting Arctic. From their cells in Murmansk, they wrote letters to families, friends and supporters across the world. This is their story… in their own words.


JPM Music Production Library


JPM is a boutique library for all media. The music is great, never average.

We do bespoke composition and reworks on request, audio branding, sound consultancy, music supervision and dubbing mixing. has a a unique search mechanism in the form of a emotional matrix, also we make suites of multiple tracks that can cover all your film’s needs. Finally we have one of the fairest deals around for our composers and choose on the basis of musical merit not generic suitability.

We’re a studio based agency that enlists the services of experts based on project needs, and a network of composers committed to the creation of high quality music for all purposes.

Examples of our approach include moulding the sound of water into a soundtrack for Bosch, creating rhythms out of metal tubing for steel giant Arcelor Mittal and sequencing the sound of fists striking the human body for a channel C4 series on gang violence. We are not afraid of taking risks and encourage the occurrence of “happy accidents”.

From small art-house films to in depth audio branding, JPM likes to get you and your creative team involved, get beneath the surface and take reference from what you love.
We pride ourselves on giving clients what they want but often something that surpasses their expectations too. We work with you to challenge the conventions between sound, music and vision to create experiences that are unique, meaningful and memorable.

As well as being innovative, JPM is keen to be involved in socially aware, educational and forward thinking projects. Our future looks towards further exploring innovative music and sound for different platforms and projects that push the musical boundaries for a variety of people and organisations. We welcome like-minded individuals to get in touch and get involved.

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America's Poor Kids wins RTS award


Very pleased to announce that America’s Poor Kids has won an RTS award in the Photography – Documentary/Factual & Non Drama category.

Directed by Jezza Neumann, America’s Poor Kids, True Vision Productions/BBC This World for BBC Two

“An intuitively shot documentary highlighting the understanding between the crew and the families, with a great eye for detail and composition resulting in some highly emotive images.”

We beat some very stiff competition, including the “Africa” Camera Team, Africa, BBC Television. Cheers!

Banking On Change

Banking On Change
Winner of the BRITDOC/Co-operative Competition
Director: Andrew Hinton
Pilgrim Films
Jamie Perera: Music Composition

J.S Parthibhan is a bank manager with a difference: hes interested in people, not numbers. Through micro loans, he helps villagers in rural areas develop a sense of entrepreneurship and self-respect.

Travelling on his moped to isolated villages, Parthibhan has made it his mission to bring his bank to the people, not the other way around. For him, reforming the system should happen at the most basic level: face to face. “It is about more than just dealing with money. It is dealing with people, with their aspirations.” These villagers need a loan for a new kiln. He educates them about money and talks them through the process of opening an account. “If I were a doctor I would care for the people coming to me the same way as I do now.” In the past years, he’s successfully backed countless similar ventures: “You can talk about financial crisis, but the importance is cultivating people. If you do that, everything falls in to the right place”. Now heres a role model for bankers from Wall Street to Tokyo – Journeyman Pictures