jamie perera tea

Hello. I’m a composer / artist based in London.
I do, (in some sort of order from expression to analysis):

Music with occasional collabs and commercial releases
Sonic art
Music for films
Music for commercial stuff
Sound design & mixes
Music supervision (I have a very useful music library)
Sound consultancy and audio branding work

I like making relevant sound into music. Examples of this include slowed down radio in a documentary about poor kids in the US, rhythmic sequences of fists striking the body for a channel C4 series on gang violence, and birdsong in a documentary set in Swaziland Africa. In general where I can I try to challenge the conventions between music and sound, and encourage the happening of ‘happy accidents’.

I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to work on interesting music ideas. Have a listen to my music and get in touch. Thanks for listening and all the best – J 🙂

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