Sonifying Global Deaths from Terror

As part of our ongoing data sonification project “Climate Symphony”, we decided to go freelance and see if we could find out what the global deaths from terrorism during the 14 years of the war on terror sounds like.

So you have here this chart as featured in The Economist []

You might notice a bass note that rises and falls at the beginning, then stays the same all the way through. That’s the West, that is. They had a ‘blip’ or terrorism in 2001 (World Trade Centre?) and then it’s never got above 1,000 since.

Then, there’s percussion all the way through, representing the years going by from 2000. When everything stops there’s a few more as it fades…because the rest of the story still needs writing.

[Climate Symphony is a data sonification project from Disobedient Films in collaboration with Jamie Perera. More info on that soon. Til then:ā€¦y-data-sound.html]

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